The society today looks forward to the "New Age” of art and culture through personal transformation and healing. Phenotype is the physical manifestation of a gene code or Genotype. We believe that all design and architectural spaces are ultimately a physical response to a set of information.

What we need more as a community are sensitive practices, and spaces that can heal us with the right material selections and meaningful curation of art and furniture. In this regard, we are following a more mindful, hand-crafted process of design wherein the built environment also evolves over a longer physical process.

The studio is a boutique practice which has completed over 75 projects till date. We continue to evolve and push ourselves in design play. The studio prides itself on its collaborative work environment, which brings the best out from within the team of thinkers across multiple disciplines, working together in the domain of Product, Interior, Architectural and Urban Design.

We approach all projects with a pragmatic, yet playful sensibility and hope to bring joy and wellness through our work.


Currently marking its twelfth year, Phenotype has numerous awards and has been covered extensively in leading publications and online platforms both internationally and in India.



Founder & Principal Anica Kochhar studied architecture at Pratt Institute, New York, then returned to India to work with Morphogenesis. After conceptualizing spaces across scales, she went on to study Urban design at AA, London. Anica developed a philosophy and design language which is the core of the firm’s vocabulary and approach. Spanning the domains of Master Planning, Architecture & Interior Design, our work is unified on the principles of Playful Design. Anica was picked to showcase her master’s thesis at the Centre de Pompidou, Paris. She has been a guest lecturer at Sushant School or Art and Architecture.

As a platform for experimentation beyond architecture, Anica founded Borderline Studio which is a collaborative platform to explore mediums at smaller scales. Through her practice, Anica has also engaged with artists and curators for paving the way for "New Age art" and skillsets in modern building practices, as a means to achieve mindful as well as environmentally sustainable spaces.